Blackstone Labs Angel Dust

pafd0391 April 28, 2015 0
Blackstone Labs Angel Dust


Angel Dust Extreme

Blackstone Labs has done it once again with Dust Extreme – a blast in the past featuring a jam-packed 75mg of 1,3 DMAA per serving!

If you’re looking for your hair to be on fire, eyes popping out of your head, and skin splitting pyscho intensity from just ONE SCOOP, then Dust Extreme by Blackstone Labs is the only choice for you. Explosive strength, insane power, extreme energy, unreal endurance, and firehose sized veins and pumps. Blackstone Labs took all their feedback back from Angel Dust and Dust V2 to come out with the one and only 1,3 DMAA infused Dust Extreme.

No filters or junk! Only the best tasting, highest quality ingredients availbel on the product. Blackstone Labs uses the most potent ingredients to produce the best products in the industry with their kick-ass formulations.

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