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Blackstone Labs Hype

HYPE is a 100% stimulant free nitric oxide supplement allowing for maximum pumps – all day, every day. And because there aren’t any stims added, you can easily take this product if you workout at night. HYPE can be added into your other favorite preworkout supplements or used alone.

So how does HYPE create the all day pump? It’s simple, unlike a normal pre-workout that might get you a brief pump for an our two, we recommend HYPE as a daily supplement. Taking HYPE one to two times per day optimizes your pump in and out of the gym. By keeping your blood vessels expanded throughout the day it allows for better uptake of all your food and supplements. If you grow outside of the gym why would not take it at times when you aren’t training? If you grow best when getting good sleep at night why would not take if before bed? The answer is simple: you’d be crazy not to. Activate HYPE as a pre-workout for huge pumps and increased performance in the gym and then utilize it on off-days for your extended perma-pump.

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